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Art Meets Mad Science- A Surreal Biology Lesson From Sculptor Kate MacDowell

INTERVIEW: Fawn Review caught up with ceramicist of the moment Kate MacDowell to discuss her work, her inspiration and her ability to fuse science and nature like no other… The surreal sculptures of… Continue reading

Classical Sculpture Was Hipster Before It Was Cool

Hipsters in Stone is a joint photography and photoshopping venture by Léo Caillard and Alexis Persani which sees various classical sculptures decked out in the latest hipster garb. The duo set about photographing… Continue reading

Working on Eggshells- The Minute Work of Wen Fuliang

The intricacy and craft of these minute sculptures is so intense and condensed that many have declared these images a hoax. But, these pictures are so gorgeous that I’m inclined to give them… Continue reading

The Minute Pencil Lead Carvings of Diem Chau

On Fawn Review we’ve seen a lot of what great artists can do with their tools but it takes an altogether different kind of creative mind to make their mark through what they… Continue reading

Restoration Drama

A construction site seems as good a place as any to begin a website. Particularly when the scene is one as beautiful as the one currently offered by the Cast Courts gallery within… Continue reading