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Fawn Review interviews ethereal photographer Kendall Bouchlas

Looking at the portfolio of upcoming photographer Kendall Bouchlas, I am struck by two things. Firstly and most intensely, the beauty they capture and talent they convey. Secondly, a massive sense of underachievement.… Continue reading

The Haunting Presence of Saddam Hussein in Iraqi Art

This image of Saddam Hussein’s face peering out from the carcasses in an Iraqi butcher’s shop is an immensely jarring and disturbing image. It is merely one of a series of photographs, eleven… Continue reading

Where Are All The Black Muses in Art?

It’s a controversial topic which is slowly but surely creeping into public consciousness. The art world, especially classical art, is dominated by white artists and white muses- typically white men as creators and… Continue reading

The Best Art You’ve Never Seen. Pt1. Jan Vorman’s Lego Land

Welcome to a new series on Fawn Review looking at Street Art. This genre contains some of the most beautiful, modern and challenging images in art today and spans across many mediums from… Continue reading

Your Invitation to the Royal College of Art’s Secret Show

Its not something well known in the art world, but it is certainly something not to be missed. And its happening now. The Royal College of Art’s annual postcard sale has been launched… Continue reading

Good Vibrations, Maverick Moves in Design

The cabinet you see here and its flickering consistency on the screen is not the fault of your laptop or the result of some photoshop tweaking. Rather, it is down to some extensive… Continue reading

Mad Men- Drawing Inspiration From the Past

It is a truth that most art critics will not like to accept, but a valid one nonetheless, that the ‘art’ which confronts and captures our eyes everyday is predominantly that of advertising.… Continue reading

The History of Beauty- Gertrude Stein- Patron and Muse to Picasso

Behind every great man is a great woman. The shallow reality of this phrase is perhaps never so brilliantly exposed than through the life of Gertrude Stein, who was not merely behind one… Continue reading

Profile on Syrian Artist Tammam Azzam

The chances are that you haven’t heard of Tammam Azzam. Or if you have, your awareness of him doesn’t extend much further than beyond last Wednesday. Last week, the Syrian artist’s re-imaging of… Continue reading

Review- Jean-Luc Moulene at Modern Art Oxford

Words can be tricky little creatures. As an English student, I’m more fond of them than most, but there’s no denying the nuisance they can be sometimes. Particularly when used to discuss aesthetic… Continue reading

Artist in focus- kooky collage king joe webb

For all the turtle-neck-clad philosophising in the art world, sometimes it just takes a simple piece of art to delight. Joe Webb’s collages do just that. There is something incredibly fun and visually stimulating… Continue reading