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‘Windows to the Past’ Photography Project by Kerényi Zoltán

Photography, of all artistic media, has a tremendous capacity to not only relay a moment but to record it. Its power often such that we feel it can contain, magic like, entire scenes from… Continue reading

Surveillance Cameras Decorated with Party Hats for George Orwell’s Birthday

Last week marked the 110th birthday of dystopian novelist George Orwell. The author is most famous for his political novel Nineteen Eighty Four which criticised governmental involvement in personal lives. In celebration of… Continue reading

Chandelier Made From 3,000 Bones

In their recent exhibition about attitudes to death, the Wellcome Collection in London advanced the idea that death was nothing to be afraid of but discussed and accepted rather than dodged and denied.… Continue reading

The Art of Marketing Death

“The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears, for there’s no risk of accident for someone who’s dead”. Such was Einstein’s rationale, at least. However, rightly or wrongly death continues… Continue reading

Incredible Hand Drawn Optical Illusions by Ramon Bruin

These drawings are designed to distort eyes and drop jaws. They are the creation of Dutch freelance artist Ramon Bruin, who crafts them hand. The optical illusion relies on careful positioning of lines… Continue reading

Toilet Roll Tube Sculptures by Anastassia Elias

If the test of a true artist is the ability to find inspiration in even the least likely of places, then Anastassia Elias certainly passes. The artist creates paper dioramas inside the cadrboard… Continue reading

The Greatest Art in the World, Coming to a Bus Stop Near You

Great pieces of art are like buses. Not in the sense that you wait ages for one and then three come at once. But rather, this summer, they will be literally hanging around… Continue reading

Review **** Souzou: Outsider Art From Japan at The Wellcome Collection

Rating- **** Art tourism is something that blights London. With the influx of tourists to the capital during the impending summer season, the museums know that now is the time to pull out… Continue reading

Walk-In Surrealist Storm by Joris Kuipers

To visit an installation by Dutch artist Joris Kuipers is to be caught up in a storm of surrealist weather. His floating clouds dominate the gallery space in swooping swirls straight out of… Continue reading

Storytelling with Ekaterina Panikanova- Art Meets Literature

The link between art and storytelling has been well documented. Many people suggest that art is a visual fiction- an imaginative narrative. However, in these images, Rome based and Russian born artist Ekaterina Panikanova… Continue reading

Ai Weiwei Covers Time Magazine

Ai Weiwei has been recently revealed as the latest powerhouse to grace the cover of Time Magazine. The cover accompanies Hannah Beech’s story “How China Views the World?” (which you can get a glimpse of… Continue reading

Conflict Through Rose Tinted Glasses- Richard Mosse’s War Photography

Irish Artist Richard Mosse uses invisible light to highlight the unseen and unexpressed tragedy of the Congo. Asked to express what the Congo means to him, Richard Mosse offers an eclectic list- “Joseph… Continue reading

Guns and Roses- Sonia Rentsch’s Still Lifes

Calls for the world to make love not war are as old as time itself. But that sentiment has been injected with some fresh zeal by Australian artist Sonia Rentsch. Her (perhaps a… Continue reading

The Great Photoshop Hoax- Van Gogh paints DiCaprio

Over the course of his career, his fame and talent have won him many accolades including a Golden Globe aware and the leading spot in this summer’s block buster film. But Leonardo DiCaprio has… Continue reading

The Explosive Life of ‘artist-alchemist’ Raphael Hefti

Part abstract painter, part mad scientist, Swiss artist Raphael Hefti’s education in mechanics and electronics bursts through in his outlandish techniques. His work involves exploding various powders and materials. His choice of title for a… Continue reading