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A Stitch in Time- Multicoloured Medieval Make-Do-And-Mend

Conserving beautiful, historical and delicate artefacts is a difficult job to get right. Just consider the furore over the botched restoration of the Ecce Homo fresco in Spain. Restoring and renovating work requires immense… Continue reading

Bejewelled Corpses of Christian Martyrs Seen For First Time

A startling new project by art historians Paul Koudounaris has unearthed a series of striking new images that challenges understandings of both theology and art history. Koudounaris’ new publication ‘Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures… Continue reading

Secret Fore-Edge Paintings Discovered

Some fascinating images of the nineteenth century’s elegant answer to flick books have been discovered by researchers at the University of Iowa. Fore-edge painting, which is believed to date back as early as… Continue reading

Drawings from Child Victims of the Holocaust Unearthed

‘One million five hundred thousand children were murdered in the Shoah. Man will never be able to face this fact with full comprehension’., so writes Israeli author David Grossman in his introduction to… Continue reading

The Greatest Art in the World, Coming to a Bus Stop Near You

Great pieces of art are like buses. Not in the sense that you wait ages for one and then three come at once. But rather, this summer, they will be literally hanging around… Continue reading

The Great Photoshop Hoax- Van Gogh paints DiCaprio

Over the course of his career, his fame and talent have won him many accolades including a Golden Globe aware and the leading spot in this summer’s block buster film. But Leonardo DiCaprio has… Continue reading

Celebrating Easter the Art History Way- Fabergé Eggs

The humble Easter egg has come a long way in symbolism both religious and artistic. It was first seen in Medieval times as rich individuals would gift each other chicken eggs as a… Continue reading

The History of Beauty- Gertrude Stein- Patron and Muse to Picasso

Behind every great man is a great woman. The shallow reality of this phrase is perhaps never so brilliantly exposed than through the life of Gertrude Stein, who was not merely behind one… Continue reading

Pocket Watch: Georgian ‘Lover’s Eyes’

When it comes to accusations of showing off, the art world is most certainly guilty. We proudly display our favourite pieces to what we perceive to be their maximum potential; whether this is… Continue reading

A Guide to ‘Good’ Taste in Art: From the Spice Girls to the French Revolution

Oscar Wilde is renowned for his repertoire of cheeky, provocative, willfully inaccurate aphorisms. His assertion that “no object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly”, is undoubtedly not… Continue reading