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The World of Micro Art

The poet William Blake amongst his many mad and colourful ideas about life, had this idea to offer on the purpose of life, that it might be, ‘to see a world in a… Continue reading

Tattoo Taboo in Iraq

The definitions art critics and theorists expound as to what makes art are often a contradictory and complex muddle. It is a messy and eclectic family that we house under the umbrella of… Continue reading

Review: Andy Warhol Exhibition at the Belfast MAC

I must say I was quite surprised to learn that the Belfast Metropolitan Arts Centre, known simply as the MAC, had managed to secure such a big exhibition as an Andy Warhol retrospective.… Continue reading

Celebrating Easter the Art History Way- Fabergé Eggs

The humble Easter egg has come a long way in symbolism both religious and artistic. It was first seen in Medieval times as rich individuals would gift each other chicken eggs as a… Continue reading

Calling Artists to be Featured on Fawn Review

  Fawn Review is looking for new artists to write about! Recently we’ve looked at art from a range of angles and through reviews, interviews and profiles on individual artworks. We’ve had everything… Continue reading

In Pictures: Holi- Festival of Colours

Today is Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours, a religious festival heralding the spring for Hindus. It is also the cause of fascinating and beautiful explosions of colour around the world… Continue reading

Fawn Review interviews ethereal photographer Kendall Bouchlas

Looking at the portfolio of upcoming photographer Kendall Bouchlas, I am struck by two things. Firstly and most intensely, the beauty they capture and talent they convey. Secondly, a massive sense of underachievement.… Continue reading

The Haunting Presence of Saddam Hussein in Iraqi Art

This image of Saddam Hussein’s face peering out from the carcasses in an Iraqi butcher’s shop is an immensely jarring and disturbing image. It is merely one of a series of photographs, eleven… Continue reading

Where Are All The Black Muses in Art?

It’s a controversial topic which is slowly but surely creeping into public consciousness. The art world, especially classical art, is dominated by white artists and white muses- typically white men as creators and… Continue reading

The Roach Brooch- Daring to Wear Live Insect Jewellery

“Art is all a matter of personal taste.” It is one of the few things upon which most art commentators can agree- the right to disagree. We all have innate values of ‘taste’.… Continue reading

When One of Vogue’s Fashion Photographers Took a Holiday With a Cannibal Tribe

The chances are, you know David Bailey’s photographs very well, you just don’t know that you do. The man behind pretty much every major photo shoot  by fashion giant Vogue is not so… Continue reading

The Best Art You’ve Never Seen. Pt1. Jan Vorman’s Lego Land

Welcome to a new series on Fawn Review looking at Street Art. This genre contains some of the most beautiful, modern and challenging images in art today and spans across many mediums from… Continue reading

Wearing Your Heart on Your Knuckles- Irish Claddagh Rings

Irish history and heritage is a complex beast. In the twenty first century, the great bulk of the best bits of our culture have either been taken and twisted by political movements or… Continue reading

Fawn Review Now Has Facebook!

Fawn Review now has Facebook! Click here to visit the new page and ‘like’ to get updates and join the conversation online. For more updates and posts on objects of beauty from… Continue reading

Your Invitation to the Royal College of Art’s Secret Show

Its not something well known in the art world, but it is certainly something not to be missed. And its happening now. The Royal College of Art’s annual postcard sale has been launched… Continue reading