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The Great Photoshop Hoax- Van Gogh paints DiCaprio

Over the course of his career, his fame and talent have won him many accolades including a Golden Globe aware and the leading spot in this summer’s block buster film. But Leonardo DiCaprio has… Continue reading

Beyoncé- Closet Art Historian

There’s a lot of nonsense on the internet but sometimes it does come up with gold. There’s perhaps no finer example of this, for an art historian at least, than new tumblr Beyoncé Art… Continue reading

Working on Eggshells- The Minute Work of Wen Fuliang

The intricacy and craft of these minute sculptures is so intense and condensed that many have declared these images a hoax. But, these pictures are so gorgeous that I’m inclined to give them… Continue reading

Vice Magazine’s Latest (and unexpected) Interest- Exhibition Curating

“You know how we sometimes accompany our articles with pictures people have drawn rather than photographs? Those pictures have a technical name that you probably won’t have heard before unless you went to… Continue reading

Calling Artists to be Featured on Fawn Review!

Fawn Review is looking for new artists and art venues to profile! On Fawn Review, we’ve looked at art from a range of angles and through reviews, interviews and profiles on individual artworks.… Continue reading

The Explosive Life of ‘artist-alchemist’ Raphael Hefti

Part abstract painter, part mad scientist, Swiss artist Raphael Hefti’s education in mechanics and electronics bursts through in his outlandish techniques. His work involves exploding various powders and materials. His choice of title for a… Continue reading

Breaking News of Art Activism in Russia {Contains Graphic Images}

In an extreme performative piece undertaken in recent hours, a well known and outspoken Russian artist appears to have entwined barbed wire around his nude body whilst lying before the Legislative Assembly of… Continue reading

Art V. Activism- Is Ai WeiWei Still an Artist?

The Guardian’s chief art writer Jonathan Jones asked an interesting and prickly question recently- given Ai WeiWei’s growing reputation as a political figure, is he still an ‘artist’? In his highly thought provoking piece, Jones… Continue reading

Street Photography- The Dublin Edition

Of all nations, Ireland is perhaps one of the most idealised and subject to the most clichés. Any attempt to understand Ireland from an international view point requires a certain stamina and determination… Continue reading

A Thousand Drawings By Tracey Emin

It is perhaps fair to say that Tracey Emin isn’t exactly known for her technical skill as an artist. Type ‘Tracey Emin dr…’ into Google and drawing makes a narrow victory over the… Continue reading

Artist Jamal Penjweny Shares With Fawn Review His Hopes for Art in his native Iraq

In the ten years since the invasion of  Iraq, the country has undergone some vast changes; not least of all cultural. One of the artists at the forefront of contemporary art in Iraq,… Continue reading

An Interview with artist Jenny Parkin- Art Packed with Politics and Calories

One of my favourite things about writing Fawn Review is getting to see the beautiful art work that people get in touch to share with me. Sometimes weird, more often wonderful and best when they’re both,… Continue reading

Home is Where the Art Is- Documenting the Homeless in Miami

Art is universal. This is not merely an abstract art theory but something to be seen in almost every culture, content and walk of life of which I am aware. From etchings on… Continue reading

Street Photography- the Modern Portrait?

The relationship between a painter and a portrait sitter is one of the most emotionally intense (and often fraught) elements of portrait painting. Looking at the history of this relationship in art history,… Continue reading

The Minute Pencil Lead Carvings of Diem Chau

On Fawn Review we’ve seen a lot of what great artists can do with their tools but it takes an altogether different kind of creative mind to make their mark through what they… Continue reading