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Fawn Review Readers’ Art Competition

Please note that the competition deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting further entries. At Fawn Review, one of our favourite things about running the website is seeing the art work… Continue reading

Bejewelled Corpses of Christian Martyrs Seen For First Time

A startling new project by art historians Paul Koudounaris has unearthed a series of striking new images that challenges understandings of both theology and art history. Koudounaris’ new publication ‘Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures… Continue reading

Secret Fore-Edge Paintings Discovered

Some fascinating images of the nineteenth century’s elegant answer to flick books have been discovered by researchers at the University of Iowa. Fore-edge painting, which is believed to date back as early as… Continue reading

Poet Sylvia Plath’s Drawings Published: Review

The drawings of troubled poet Sylvia Plath have been edited and published for the first time by Faber and Faber. Faber and Faber kindly gave Fawn Review an advanced preview of the book… Continue reading

Drawings from Child Victims of the Holocaust Unearthed

‘One million five hundred thousand children were murdered in the Shoah. Man will never be able to face this fact with full comprehension’., so writes Israeli author David Grossman in his introduction to… Continue reading

‘Holy Men’ Other Worldly Portraits of South Asia’s Hindu Leaders

These figures look more like clouds of highly pigmented dust than actual men. The images that comprise ‘Holy Men’, a photographic project, are testament to rare sightings of Sadhus, or Babas, are wandering… Continue reading

Incredible Incense Ash Paintings by Zhang Huan

Its hard to believe that these hyper realistic images of Mao’s China are painted with ash. Yet, they are the product of delicate and precise application of incense ash onto immense linen canvasses… Continue reading

‘Underworld’ by Payson Ni- Traditional Chinese Landscapes Atop Knuckledusters

The worlds of beauty, nature and violence are ones that we like to see as distinct and incompatible. Yet, in this new jewellery series all three can be held in the palm of… Continue reading

‘Broken Things’ by Livia Marin

‘Broken Things’ is a surreal ceramic series by artist Livia Marin that injects everyday household objects with Dali-esque disintegration. The Chilean artist’s works see crockery turn into the liquid form it houses; a… Continue reading

Modern Art’s Lightbulb Moment

The light bulb has long been synonymous with bright ideas. Many creatives term their moments of genius ‘light bulb moments’. US photographer Jon Smith, however, has taken this metaphor to whole new level… Continue reading

I Google, Therefore I Am?- Imaginative New Design Product Set To Curb the Power of the Internet

“I google, therefore I am” is the mantra designer Amanda Ames offers for the modern age. Few would deny that the twenty first century is becoming markedly the era of technology. Knowledge is… Continue reading

Beyond the Veil- Photographic Series Considering the Role of Women in Islam by Shadi Ghadirian

To ‘challenge the international preconceptions of women’s roles within an Islamic state’ is a difficult mission statement with which to task oneself. But one that these images refuse to shy away from. More… Continue reading

‘Windows to the Past’ Photography Project by Kerényi Zoltán

Photography, of all artistic media, has a tremendous capacity to not only relay a moment but to record it. Its power often such that we feel it can contain, magic like, entire scenes from… Continue reading

Surveillance Cameras Decorated with Party Hats for George Orwell’s Birthday

Last week marked the 110th birthday of dystopian novelist George Orwell. The author is most famous for his political novel Nineteen Eighty Four which criticised governmental involvement in personal lives. In celebration of… Continue reading

Chandelier Made From 3,000 Bones

In their recent exhibition about attitudes to death, the Wellcome Collection in London advanced the idea that death was nothing to be afraid of but discussed and accepted rather than dodged and denied.… Continue reading