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About Fawn Review

Fawn review is an online magazine that aims to bring you the best art you’ve never seen before.

Founded in 2012, Fawn Review has an international readership of 10,000 visitors a month.


Fawn Review is edited by Siobhan Fenton, an Arts Trustee and English Literature student at Oxford University.

Get in touch

You can find us on facebook at facebook.com/FawnReview and on Twitter at @FawnArtsReview

For enquiries, please contact fawnreview@hotmail.com.

Advertise with us

We offer a variety of advertising opportunities on fawnreview.com for artists/ galleries and those in creative industries. To find out more and to get a copy of an advertising pack detailing options, please contact fawnreview@hotmail.com.

Copyright and Acknowledgements

All articles on fawnreview.com are asserted as intellectual property and copyright of the company. We ask that if you wish to reproduce any work, please contact fawnreview@hotmail.com beforehand with your request.