INTERVIEW: Ellie Fisher

Artist Ellie Fisher

Artist Ellie Fisher

The most recent Fawn Review Readers’ Art Competition saw more than forty artists from around the world go head to head for the public vote. But for many voters, one simple yet striking entry stood out, amongst all the colourful and eye catching pieces on display. Young artist Ellie Fisher won the contest with a beautifully drawn sketch portrait; proving that, even with modern art, a talent for understanding and relaying proportions, emotion and tone still proves captivating.

Ellie’s artwork is all the more impressive when one considers that she has yet to leave school and undertake formal training at art college.

Here, Ellie explains her journey so far, what her work means and what is next for the young artist…

FR: What’s the story behind the portrait that was your winning entry?

EF: My winning drawing of my Grandmother was from a photograph took me between 10 and 15 hours but I spread the time out over a couple of weeks because I prefer producing art work gradually.

I don’t often use any pencils above HB grade because I prefer my drawings to have a certain sensitivity and delicacy to them. Particularly with drawings I have done of my Grandmother because I feel it best represents her.

I’d like to thank everyone who voted; teachers, friends, family and all voters for their support of my artwork.

FR: What has been your journey as an artist so far? 

EF: My ability to draw has come from years of practice, I have never been taught. At school, I have learnt skills in different areas of Art including printmaking, photography and ceramics, which I have then developed through practice.

Work in progress by artist Ellie Fisher

Work in progress by artist Ellie Fisher

The artist's sketchbook

The artist’s sketchbook

FR: Which other artists would you compare your work to?

EF: I think my work shares similarities with David Hockney’s portrait drawings. I think we have a very similar delicate technique in drawing.
Also, after visiting the Museo de Picasso in Barcelona last year and seeing Picasso’s work develop from a young boy to an old man, I can notice some connections with him as an artist. The portraits he produced as a teenager have inspired me and I hope to follow a similar journey towards becoming a professional artist.
Ellie Fisher

Ellie ‘s winning drawing

Work in progress by artist Ellie Fisher

Work in progress by the artist












FR: Where do you find inspiration and ideas for your work?

EF: I tend to produce work that is personal to me. For example, work that explores experiences I have been through or have some important role in my life. I also get inspiration from visiting exhibitions and galleries as well as travelling around the world.

FR: What’s next for you as an artist?

EF: I am currently searching for a suitable foundation art course at a college or university which will help me decide which particular art, design or media I wish to follow.

After this I hope to see where my journey takes me.

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