Banksy Unveils 911 Tribute


British artist Banksy has been leaving his mark on the streets and sights of New York this month with his residency their throughout October.

His most recent piece has been a small tribute to the victims of 911.

The design is on a wall on Staple Street in New York’s Tribeca area. It consists of a silhouette of the twin towers in foggy black, with a bright orange flower sprouting out of the right tower. Within the wall, a crack on its surface makes a dent on the towers.

The tribute has sparked mixed reactions and, perhaps above all, the question as to why this and why now? Some commenters have labelled the piece ‘poetic’ and ‘brilliant’ others suggest the design is clichéd and unoriginal. Of course, this is by no means the first Banksy piece to divide opinion, as the artist proves one of the most controversial practising artists of the age.


The design is effective in its simplicity. Whilst the symbolism of the flower spurting through the crack is by no means subtle, the message of new life, renewal and good coming from society’s fractures is none the less a powerful one.

Perhaps one of the most striking features of this piece, is that it looks distinctly un-Bansky. The ‘in your face’ approach is missing; but such cheap, attention seeking shots would be inappropriate for this subject.

However, the apparently random appearance of the piece, does draw questions as to whether this latest work is merely Banksy trying to ‘ride off the back’ of an infamous event and its cultural relevance rather than a sincere desire to pay tribute to the events of September 11th 2001 and its effects.

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