Street Artists Cover Every Inch of Doomed Tower Block

The tower block (and temporary art hub) overlooking the river Seine.

The tower block (and temporary art hub) overlooking the river Seine.

For residents of one Paris suburb on the banks of the city’s River Seine, their surroundings have had been dominated by a familiar sight for decades. A large tower block looms over the 13th district of the French capital. But the tower of bricks and concrete to which its neighbours are accustomed, is about to get an colourful makeover.

After hearing of local government plans to demolish the tower block, gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh set about securing permission to turn the building into a monument to modern art in its final days.

Ben Cheikh has invited some of the worlds best street artists to come and make their mark on the grey building. So far, more than a hundred artists have descended on Paris to do exactly that.

Known as the Tour 13 project, a whole range of art works and approaches can now be seen on and within the building. Some contain text, others cartoons and one stand out piece sees a graffiti artist voice his concerns for Syria.

The tower block is due for demolition this spring. So how does Ben Cheikh feel about this seemingly cruel sell by date on his beautiful project?

“It’s part of life, you do something for the others, once it’s done, they see it, they like, and it vanishes”, he says.

“There is no feeling of property for my art”.







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