Brand New Damien Hirst Unveiled




A brand new Damien Hirst has been unveiled this evening.

In Doha, Qatar, before members of Qatar’s royal family and government officials the new piece titled, “The Miraculous Journey” was unveiled at 7pm local time.

The work consists of fourteen bronze sculptures which document the development of a foetus in the uterus; from conception to birth. The climax of the installation is a depiction of a baby boy some forty six feet tall.

In addition to this new work, a retrospective on Damien Hirst’s work, entitled Relic, opens in Qatar this Thursday.

For a culturally conservative country, this is a surprising reach out towards one of Britain’s most controversial artists.

Writing in the New York Times, Carol Vogel has suggested that Hirst is making a smart move away from countries such as the UK and the US who are “over saturated” with his works. Indeed, the artist’s release of a children’s book this week (click here to read more), was met by many Westerners with derision.

It has not been disclosed how much Qatar paid Hirst for the piece. Reports suggest a figure in the region of $20 million.

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