Multi-Coloured Umbrella Canopy Appears in Portugal


Public art installation at Águeda, Portugal


Public art installation at Águeda, Portugal


Public art installation at Águeda, Portugal

A wonderfully whimsical art installation in Portugal has seen umbrellas float above the sleepy streets of a Portuguese town.

The project is part of a council lead initiative to spread public art in the town, Águeda. The umbrellas are secured using thin wires that run between the buildings on each side of the street.

The multi-coloured membranes are reminiscent of stain glass windows in their patchwork of shards of colour filled with light.

Further to the colourful view above, the umbrellas also leave a patchwork pattern of shadows on the ground as the Portuguese sunlight streams through.

These images were taken by photographer Patrícia Almeida.

The photographer described the sight, “walking under that sky made of umbrellas reminded me of Alice in Wonderland… It is something completely unexpected that made me smile”.

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