‘Underworld’ by Payson Ni- Traditional Chinese Landscapes Atop Knuckledusters

firstThe worlds of beauty, nature and violence are ones that we like to see as distinct and incompatible. Yet, in this new jewellery series all three can be held in the palm of one hand.

They form the series ‘Underworld’ which sees knuckle dusters decorated with traditional Chinese architecture and garden sees.

These knuckle dusters fuse delicacy with danger, with the cherry blossoms capable of drawing blood from a victim, or gasps of delight from a jewellery lover; in equal measure.

The series Underworld’ is by Payson Ni, who just graduated this summer from Central St Martins in London with a BA in Jewellery Design.

She explained to Fawn Review, “The whole knuckle duster collection is about fantasy garden, based on traditional Chinese garden which is about the harmony of architectures and natural world, I am trying to rebuild them in a more exciting and contemporary way, a combination of violence and beauty. They are jewellery pieces but do have the potential of being hand weapons as well.”

She cites “an obsession with martial arts” as inspiring this blend of “oriental romance and violence”.

“Inspired by the stories of traditional Chinese swordmen and women”, Ni’s work projects a kind of beauty that is anything but passive. It is at once both beautiful heroine and knight is shining (bronze) armour; it can take care of itself and any threat to it.

The imaginative talent and impeccable practical craft of ‘Underworld’ belie Ni’s status as a very recent graduate. She is certainly one to watch in the design world as her portfolio develops.





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