Chandelier Made From 3,000 Bones

In their recent exhibition about attitudes to death, the Wellcome Collection in London advanced the idea that death was nothing to be afraid of but discussed and accepted rather than dodged and denied.

The pinnacle of this proposal came in the form of this chandelier composed of 3,000 replica human bones. The bones are in fact the result of careful crafting at the hands of Jodie Carey. The chandelier is a work called ‘In the Eyes of Others’. It weighs 2 tonnes and is 13 and a half feet high.





Hanging in the gallery space, it hovered above the heads of visitors; impossible to ignore.

Death is not an neglected issue in the corner but hangs above the visitors’ heads like a swarm of insects.

Carey’s title for this work refers to the idea that people don’t see death directly, rather they only recognize it, “in the eyes of  others”. The copied bones of the chandelier are someone else’s, not our own.

The immense weigh of the chandelier pushes towards the ground; apparently mirroring the impending journey to the ground.

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