News- Gay Rights Photography Exhibition Vandalised in Paris

The city of Paris was shocked this week by a homophobic hate crime which saw an outdoor exhibition in the capital vandalised. The exhibition, Couples Imaginaires, depicts same sex couples and their families in Paris and was produced in conjunction with local anti-homophobia charity, SOS Homophobie.



Olivier Ciappa who was responsible for the exhibition expressed his horror at the attack, “I have for the first time the impression that by destroying my art, they where [sic] trying to destroy my vision of the world.”

In response, many locals drew their works to replace the damaged art works and show their support. These hand drawn images now hang alongside the damaged originals in solidarity.



Parisians show support for the exhibition with replacement images. The text right reads, “on ne vandalise pas l’amoure/ you can’t vandalise love”

The attacks are surprising in a cosmopolitan and typically liberal city whose mayor, Bertrand Delanoë, is openly gay. Commentators are speculating that the vandalism is the result of a far right faction from the city.

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