Not-So-Gray Anatomy, Beautiful Sketches Fusing Man and Nature

The relationship between man and nature has long been explored by artists, but these illustrations from Michele Parliament has the latter quite literally bursting forth from man’s veins. The anatomical drawings imagine elements of nature inhabiting the very blood of humans; birds soaring and fish flickering under the skin.


Michele Parliament

Parliament’s work is reminiscent of classical anatomical drawings from old masters such as Leonardo daVinci or Albrecht Dürer (below). Such studies were a staple of realistic drawings from these masters; helping them to establish proportions and a sense of movement. However, Parliament’s  sketches aim to do anything but present a realistic human form; rather she willfully injects with an imaginative flourish that renders the real, surreal. Tendons and veins within the arm become nest for the birds to perch upon, whilst finger muscles elevate the whole scene like a tree trunk.


Leonardo daVinci


Albrecht Dürer

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