Classical Sculpture Was Hipster Before It Was Cool

Leo-Caillard-Alexis-Persani-photography3Hipsters in Stone is a joint photography and photoshopping venture by Léo Caillard and Alexis Persani which sees various classical sculptures decked out in the latest hipster garb. The duo set about photographing hipsters around Paris and photoshopped their looks onto Hellenistic marble sculptures from within the city’s Louvre museum.

The result is the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece and the Renaissance decked out in nonchalant skater dresses and oh-so-trendy wayfarer sunglasses.

The images raise the issue of how we view beauty and image; is it a stable concept or something subject to whim and trend?

They also add a much more human dimension to the alienated gods in cold marble; which seem poised pull out an iPhone and instagram a selfie.






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