Storytelling with Ekaterina Panikanova- Art Meets Literature


The link between art and storytelling has been well documented. Many people suggest that art is a visual fiction- an imaginative narrative.

However, in these images, Rome based and Russian born artist Ekaterina Panikanova makes this metaphor a visual reality using collections of opened books as her canvasses.

Ink in black and dark brown spills onto the pages to depict massive images that sprawl across pages and books. The result is a hybrid of painting and collage.

When standing under these portraits in the gallery space, the pages flutter and flicker as if the image splashed across them is coming to live.

Looking at these images, it’s difficult to believe that this is only Panikanova’s second solo show, since recently graduating from the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.





 To find out more about the artist and see more of her work- click here to visit Panikanova’s website.

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