Ai Weiwei Covers Time Magazine


Ai Weiwei has been recently revealed as the latest powerhouse to grace the cover of Time Magazine. The cover accompanies Hannah Beech’s story “How China Views the World?” (which you can get a glimpse of via this link) .

Whilst most of the magazine’s covers are portraits of the individuals in question, this is not an image of Ai Weiwei but one crafted by him. Ai Weiwei created the look using the ancient Chinese craft of paper cutting.

The rich concentric patterns are hypnotic and arresting.

Editor Rick Stengel praised the cover saying, “I actually think it’s the most beautiful cover we’ve ever done in our history.”

Stengel went on to say that, “The image represents Ai’s acknowledgment of the country’s centrality in the world, while at the same time challenging China’s leaders to make the future a freer and more democratic one”.

The decision to not opt for a portrait of the artist himself suggests a welcome shift to more of a focus on his work than his ever growing fame.

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