Working on Eggshells- The Minute Work of Wen Fuliang


The intricacy and craft of these minute sculptures is so intense and condensed that many have declared these images a hoax.

But, these pictures are so gorgeous that I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps its biased wishful thinking that makes me hope so, but I’d like to think that this level of craftwork wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility.

Chinese craftsman Wen Fuliang, of Shaanxi province, was recently laid off from his job as a wood carver and turned to carving on egg shells to make ends meet.

He uses duck, chicken and goose eggshells for his carvings. He begins the sculptures by removing its contents through the use of a syringe and tracing a design in pencil on the shell, before delicately penetrating it with ‘a fine diamond bit on a rotary tool’. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wen Fuliang undertakes all of this under the close scrutiny of a magnifying glass to facilitate the precision required.

Wen Fuliang’s minute sculptures are comprised of local animals, monuments and landscapes, enabling people to hold whole palaces, flocks or cities in the palm of their hands.



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