The World of Micro Art


The poet William Blake amongst his many mad and colourful ideas about life, had this idea to offer on the purpose of life, that it might be, ‘to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower’. The ability to focus on the little things, you might say. And to find a feast for your imagination even in the oddest of places or smallest nooks and crannies of life.

It is a beautiful idea, but a largely abstract one which we struggle to apply amid the chaos and business of everyday life.

But artist Hasan Kale is keen to apply this philosophy quite literally to his art works. Whilst Blake suggested that we might see a whole word in a grain of sand, Kale stops just a little short of etching a full world upon this minute canvas.


To find a feast for the imagination in even the oddest of places or the smallest nooks and crannies of life…

His works are impressive as much for their patience as their artistic skill. Each handcrafted one offers a classical look at the city of Istanbul through its architecture, landscape or local personalities.

No canvas is too small for his kitch works, ranging from snail shells to human teeth.


No canvas is too small for the kitsch works…


Perhaps not surprisingly, fans of Kale who go to see his art works in person at his shows, often opt to bring their own magnifying glasses…


However, one part were Kale’s philosophy seems to be a little disjointed, in my opinion, is his work upon butterflies. Whilst I can understand and enjoy the approach of bringing beauty and character to objects often over looked like pasta curls or even flies, the butterfly is a traditional symbol of beauty. When the butterflies are painted upon, it does not seem so much that their beauty is being highlighted as plastered over in acrylic- over all masking rather than enhancing the animal’s beauty.


If you are left with any doubt that Kale’s works could be hoax relying on some photoshopping skills, you can watch this video of his painting upon a pumpkin seed to see the artist in action.

What are your thoughts? How effective are Kale’s works? Did he make you look on any of these objects with new eyes? Comment below or get in touch via the Facebook page-